Breast cancer is a major global health problem that continues to rise and requires new and powerful initiatives to combat it.

This type of cancer requires the intervention of a multidisciplinary team whose experience and excellence is fundamental. The management of breast cancer includes not only the clinical approach to the disease, but also many other parallel aspects that must be taken into account, such as the emotional aspect, nutrition and physical activity which can positively impact the evolution of the disease if properly considered.

International Breast Cancer Center

It is the first hyper-specialized center in Spain for the treatment of breast cancer, based on a GLOBAL, PATIENT-CENTRED and SCIENTIFIC approach of the highest standard.

It is a project driven by the renowned Dr. Javier Cortés and his team, with 20 years of experience in the research and treatment of breast cancer.

It is a centre geared towards determining the best possible diagnosis in order to prescribe the most effective treatment for each patient.

It is a center that addresses the treatment, management and personalized support of its patients and their families.


To be the leading center, nationally and internationally, for the treatment of breast cancer.

To be the leading centre for all patients wanting to access the highest quality medicine.

To be the leading centre for clinical and translational research into breast cancer, capable of offering a service comparable to that of the best international breast cancer centers.

To be the leading centre for breast cancer treatment, offering our services to national and international patients diagnosed with breast cancer.


To create a specialist women’s centre that covers all aspects of breast cancer prevention, management, treatment and comprehensive support in order to tackle the disease.

To be a centre in which all of the team and associates are highly specialized and excellent in the practice of their specialization.

To be a centre with a multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer.
To be a pioneering centre in Europe for clinical and translational research.
To be a centre with areas dedicated to breast screening and breast cancer prevention.

To be a center that incorporates integrative medicine and has complementary units to promote the well-being of its patients.


The IBCC identifies with and works on the basis of these values:


The direct involvement of the IBCC teams in national and international research allows the development of cutting-edge clinical trials and the design of the most innovative and effective treatments.


The IBCC actively listens to the patient, being aware of the consequences the disease causes both for the patient and for those closest to them. The treatment is personalized for each patient to achieve maximum satisfaction for the patient and for those around them.


The experience of the IBCC’s driving force, Dr. Javier Cortés, together with that of his team, places the IBCC at the highest level among breast cancer treatment centers. The specialization and the ongoing scientific, technical and human development of each of the IBCC professionals make it the leading international center in the treatment of this type of cancer.


The excellence of the IBCC is built on the specialization, in all medical and care areas, of its professional team and on the continuous improvement of its model of care and practice. Oncologists, anatomopathologists, radiologists, psycho-oncologists, nurses, clinical assistants, programmers and patient care are the components of this unified, well-coordinated, cross-sector team working for the benefit of their patients.

Bienvenidos a International Breast Cancer Center, el primer centro hiperespecializado en cáncer de mama de España.

Si te acaban de diagnosticar un cáncer de mama, si estás siguiendo un tratamiento, si quieres saber más sobre esta enfermedad porque tienes dudas, miedo e incertidumbre, no estás sola. El equipo de International Breast Cancer Center, con más de quince años de experiencia en la investigación  y el tratamiento de este tipo de cáncer, te quiere acompañar.

Un equipo de oncólogos, radiooncólogos, cirujanos oncológicos, patólogos, radiólogos, psiconcólogos y demás profesionales, trabajamos juntos para que tu tratamiento sea tan particular como tú, para acompañaros a ti y a tu familia y entorno de forma personalizada, con comprensión y respeto, durante todo el camino.

Quizá no te sientes preparada para afrontar este proceso, pero seguro que te tranquiliza saber que nosotros sí lo estamos. Porque no paramos nunca de avanzar. Y lo hacemos por ti.

Equipo IBCC